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[action] A glorious return

[It's probably a peaceful enough day, as Luceti goes. Maybe people are out looking through the shops. Maybe they're strolling through the plaza. Maybe they're sitting on the edge of the fountain, reading a book or having a snack.

Maybe there's a 6'2", 180 lb man in new feather pants being dropped into the fountain from a height of, oh, about 3.14 feet.

Wait, what?

Van is falling. That doesn't surprise him, it's exactly what he should be doing; except then he blinks, or thinks he does, and instead of purple and glow, there is blue sky. He has the barest of moments to register confusion over this development, and then he hits the water ass first. Shortly followed by the bottom of the fountain which, for the record, is hard. He's not feeling any better about the day he's had so far, either, now that it also includes being doused and viciously spanked by an inanimate object.

He may need a few moments to sort out what just happened to him.

Handily, that's about how long it takes for his regular clothes and journal to follow after, and land in the general vicinity of on his head and also his ruined pride. In case he needed a reminder that his boots are really heavy.]

What? [What else can a man possibly say in a situation like this?]

[Somewhat later, after he has recovered from his terrible butthurt, better remembered where this even is, and maybe picked up a change of clothes that isn't soggy, he will squelch over to his house. Oh, house 47, he barely knew you. He hopes it's still his house, because if it isn't someone's getting a terrible surprise when he barges on in through the front door and leaves puddles all the way to the laundry and shower.]
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[Action] It's like the opening scene of a horror movie...

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[Ginji's panting by the time he reaches the front door of House 47, arms laden with bags of groceries and supplies. If he can get all this put away and organized, then by his calculations he should have a few free hours left to tinker around with his current mechanical undertaking before it's time to start on dinner. Right! Sounds fair enough to him.]

[It's as Ginji shrugs his way inside that he notices the floor is less tidy than he left it. And there are puddles. Has Arietta been off in the woods or-- worse, maybe Asch went out for something and lost his way? Better hurry it up. If it's Asch, he'll be in an awful mood.]

Mr. Asch...? Arietta? I'm back!
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[Action] Hey, I think I've seen that one!

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[This is definitely not Asch.]

Oh! Ah... [Ginji's actually never seen this guy before. Not face-to-face, at least - he'd have remembered otherwise. A friend of Asch's?]

Then I guess she's still outside. She goes off in the mornings a lot. [He says this as he carefully sets the bags down on the floor. And yet. It's something about the way the stranger responds (like he's completely at home here) and the fact that he came from the hallway. Does that mean...? No, it couldn't be. He's probably just drying off in their bathroom.]

[But it's still a possibility. And there's only one way to find out for sure. Ginji bobs his head slightly - a stiff motion.]

Sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Ginji.
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[Van will find one (1) average young man. Average in just about every way possible upon casual analysis. He's got the look of someone who's used to menial labor and he speaks with a rural accent. More obviously are the tool belt at his waist and the flight goggles perched on top of his head.]

[Ginji's caught slightly off-guard by the lack of introduction. But he guesses it isn't too surprising. After all, his housemates are quite the conversationalists. What's more nerve-wracking is the way he's being assessed. It's kind of intimidating, though for Ginji's part he manages to keep eye contact. Honest eyes. Puzzled. A little unsure.]

He was? That's no good. [Means he must have taken too long. Or Asch had some other chore for him.] Maybe I should go see what he wanted.
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[Sure seems that way.] Yes sir, that's right. Mr. Asch said I could stay here for awhile.

[Since he was visiting pretty frequently anyhow. Ginji couldn't just leave him to fend for himself when he seemed so frustrated with being blind.]
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[...No, that's okay. He'd really rather not.]

[A flicker of hesitation passes across Ginji's face after Van's given his name. So it really is General Van. Asch and Luke's teacher, and...]

[Sometimes good people do bad things because they can't see any other way. Ginji gets that. But for all that this man seems perfectly, unarguably human, he can never forget that this is also the man who killed Hencken and Cathy. And, so he'd guess, the one who ordered the knights to attack the people of Sheridan. But then, isn't it because everyone would've never backed down?]

[...Right. Ginji reaches out to give the offered hand a shake. It's not quite as firm as he'd like, but it'll have to do.]

Sure looks that way. I hope we can get along. [Yeah, that.] Ah, is it 'General Van' or...?
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[Admittedly, Asch didn't speak about Van as much as "the stupid replica" or Princess Natalia. Ginji's heard things, though. Not especially favorable things, and not all from the same source, but things. One he's decided for himself is that Van must have instructed Asch in the art of avoiding questions.]

Well, it's true I'm from Auldrant. For what it's worth. [He's not going to lie about it, in any case.]

[We just can't understand why Van didn't memorize all the character data for everyone in Luceti as well as the host of one- and two-shot NPCs from his own world. You know, just because they lack three different titles and a six-syllable surname and their sidequests are mostly pointless.]
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[Either way, for once Ginji's grateful not to be given an opportunity to recite his backstory. As awkward as that would be, there's also a few things he should keep under wraps - for everyone's sake. If he can help it, that is.]

General Van, then. [It's not respect so much as...well, being on a first name basis with this guy seems a little weird.]

Mhm. Mostly cooking, cleaning, and laundry. And some general maintenance. [All the appliances should be working smoothly. He's mostly left the care of the animals to Asch and Arietta. And as for the houseplants? Well, he's not entirely sure what to do with them.]

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not usually left in charge of meals, so they might not be on par with what you're used to.
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[It's not really what he expected, but Ginji doesn't mind. And has no reason to object. Things'll go a lot more quickly this way, and--]

[Ginji hesitates for a moment before old habit wins out and he goes to fetch the remaining groceries. He can't just leave things laying around unfinished; it's an unwritten hangar rule. You just do it. Oh, and there's the floor too. He needs to clean up those puddles so no one will slip...]

Are you sure? I don't mind helping out. [Clearly. He's already putting the rest of it away.]